Life outside of lectures

There’s so much more to being a student at York than lectures and studying, here’s just a few things I’ve been up to recently to give you a taste of what else student life offers here 🙂 Dance Show! My housemate is a member of the University of York Dance Society and on Saturday night … Continue reading Life outside of lectures

Prepare for pasta

Before moving to York to come to university I lived at home and was used to having my meals cooked for me at home by my mum. Cooking has never been a big interest of mine and everytime I had tried it had ended in disaster, so it was the one thing I was dreading … Continue reading Prepare for pasta

Spring Term so far

Spring term is now well under way, I should be getting exam results any day now and I am a little bit tense for it. Work wise, the bulk of this term has been learning VHDL in the Further Digital Electronics module. VHDL is a hardware description language used for designing digital circuits. I’m finding … Continue reading Spring Term so far

What do your fees get you?

Have you ever thought about what is actually available to you when you go to university? Here are 10 insights on what you can get for your fees. Before I go into the reasons, I want to touch on the issue of student debt. Many people are worried about the debt that comes with going to … Continue reading What do your fees get you?

Keeeeeeeeep dancing!

University is a great way to try new things and discover your passion for something previously unknown; whether it is an academic topic, a sport, or a society. At the end of my first year, I went to the University of York Swing Dance Society’s first ever lesson, simply because it was free! Since then, … Continue reading Keeeeeeeeep dancing!

A few Environment FAQs…

What is a typical week like? In my first year, I typically had between 10 and 15 contact hours, spread evenly across the week. These consisted of lectures, tutorials, field trips and seminars. I always had time for myself to catch up on lectures, work at my part time job and to spend time with … Continue reading A few Environment FAQs…