Pester, Professor, Pete!

Hello everyone! So, as promised, this week I have attached a link to an interview with Professor Peter Thompson from the Psychology department here at the University of York. Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to ask any questions! 😀 Keep smiling… Katie x

If you need a helping hand …

Right about now I’m sure you’re being constantly reminded how great University is (or might be for you!), the fun and excitement it entails… the topics you can delve into… yada yada yada… And I COMPLETELY agree! In fact in the last few posts I’ve being trying to coax you into studying at York precisely because … Continue reading If you need a helping hand …

A Typical Week

Hello from the other side…of term! Sorry, that was terrible, but I am happy enough to be done with Spring term that I’ll forgive myself a bad Adele intro. First off, thanks to everyone who stopped by our online chat event! One thing I was asked was: what is a typical day like? The answer: … Continue reading A Typical Week

Let’s dance!

So I thought I’d tell you a little a bit more about my favourite society… I have been involved with the Dance Society from the very beginning of my time here at York and I am about to start my second year as a member of the committee! It’s one of the most inclusive, fun loving … Continue reading Let’s dance!

Is it really the end of term?

I’m sat in the library writing this after a very fulfilling and busy second half of term. Work has been going well and everything that was due at the end of this term has been submitted and I’m now looking forward to writing my report for my mini-project. I thought I deserved a holiday to reward my … Continue reading Is it really the end of term?

Events at York

There are many events held at the University throughout the year. Here are a couple of highlights: * SPiKL is an intra-university language exchange platform for university students based in the UK. Students are given the opportunity to learn, practice, teach and exchange languages as they partnered with another student. The SPiKL society hosted an event … Continue reading Events at York