Nursing is incredible

For this blog to work, I’ve got to be honest. You’ve seen the media – NHS nurses are overworked, underpaid and stressed. Student funding has been cut across the country and the entire NHS was neglected in the autumn statement. Why on earth would I encourage you to study nursing? It’s incredible, that’s why! Nursing is … Continue reading Nursing is incredible

Keeping up with deadlines

 Hello all, I’m Freddy. I’m a second year Social and Political Sciences student, and I’m going to be blogging about all things York this year. For my first post, I thought it’d be a good idea to keep things nice and simple. Also, in writing this article I’m reminding myself of the great amount of … Continue reading Keeping up with deadlines

Christmas in York

The end of term one at York can a busy time for Sociology students. The novelty of life at university is wearing off for first years, assessment deadlines are looming, second years are getting ready to submit their first essays that ‘count’ and for third years the pressure is really on! Although the nights are drawing in … Continue reading Christmas in York

3 reasons to study Archaeology at The University of York

Deciding which is the best university, where you’ll spend the next three years of your life, is an almighty task. I have therefore come up with three incredible simple reasons why the University of York is an amazing university for you to study Archaeology at. 1. King’s Manor The Department of Archaeology is not actually based … Continue reading 3 reasons to study Archaeology at The University of York

Pursuing your passions at York

Hey guys, I’m Jake, a second year Politics, Philosophy and Economics student. I thought I’d start out by talking about one of my passions and how coming to York has allowed me to push myself, meet new people and have a lot of fun though through pursuing this passion. For as long as I can … Continue reading Pursuing your passions at York

Why York? Why Law?

So this is my first blog post, and I thought it would be fitting to share with you all why I chose to study Law and why I picked York to do so! BACKGROUND: So first, a bit about my background. I come from Scarborough, a small seaside town around 40 minutes away from York … Continue reading Why York? Why Law?

Geography/Environment at York – Three Unique Selling Points

  Having chosen your subject area and whittled your university choices down to five, it’s now time to give some serious thought towards which options will become your firm and insurance choices. At this stage I’d suggest you really need to establish exactly what it is that makes each of your options different from one … Continue reading Geography/Environment at York – Three Unique Selling Points