A Week as a Law Student…

Hi all! Today I thought I would discuss what the average week is like at YLS. Monday: So, on a Monday I enjoy a nice lie-in, not starting until 2.30pm, then I have a 2-hour PBL session. This is with the members of my Student Law Firm as well as a tutor. These tutors have … Continue reading A Week as a Law Student…

Life as a student in York

In this month’s blog post, I thought I’d tell you some more about the life of a student in the city of York. If you want to read my last article on what you can expect from a Politics course at York just click here. In your first year studying Politics at York you can … Continue reading Life as a student in York

Exams are over… what now?

The answer to this question might seem a bit obvious: ‘more lectures, more seminars, more reading…’, but that’s not what I am referring to! What can you do to just relax and unwind after a difficult exam week and all the study you had to do for that beforehand? Well, I have a few personal … Continue reading Exams are over… what now?

A Look at Life at York

So last week I got an email asking me to include more details about Computer Science at York and so I thought I’d try my hand at making a ‘Day in the Life’ video. It might be terrible, it might be great but its essentially me carrying a camera around all day. Enjoy (or not?). … Continue reading A Look at Life at York