On placement with the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network

Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be. – Kahlil Gibran I came into this masters to throw myself into the living landscape of human rights. To equip myself with experiences that would bring me skills that only come with immersion. The lectures brought clarity and accessible structure to … Continue reading On placement with the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network

How to relax during exams

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that as soon as exams roll in, so do the sun and the high-twenties temperature. You are probably (certainly) battling procrastination or need a break from spending hours bent over sheets of paper at your bedroom’s desk (because the library gets busy from very early in the morning, and, … Continue reading How to relax during exams

Reflection – the ability Learning Disability nurses have to shape their own learning

Counting down placement hours can be a really daunting thing as a nursing student; however I’ve just counted down 15 in one of my favourite ways so far – Positive Choices 2017 hosted in Hull.  Positive Choices is an annual conference for Learning Disability students to network, learn and listen to those that’ll matter to … Continue reading Reflection – the ability Learning Disability nurses have to shape their own learning

Dissertation and beyond

During the second term of your second year you are introduced to the idea of a dissertation. At first this 10,000 word project may seem daunting. I have begun to finalise my ideas about a dissertation topic and in this blog I’d like to show you that it should be seen as a great opportunity … Continue reading Dissertation and beyond

University – a busy life

OK so I have to plan that event…I’ll do that after work today…Right then I need to go to that meeting and prepare for it…OK and that online training… Oh and that form… I should probably find some summer work experience… Ah don’t forget to buy Sophie a birthday present… Wow I’m really tired… Ah … Continue reading University – a busy life

Top Tips to Coping With Stress

Stress and university work seem to go hand in hand. Don’t get me wrong, stress can be a good thing, motivating you to excel at work. However, often stress can overwhelm us students, causing more bad than good. But don’t threat! Here are my top tips to coping with stress, to ensure it doesn’t become a … Continue reading Top Tips to Coping With Stress


Okay, so you’re thinking about doing Maths at York. The course has changed a bit from the one I’m doing but a lot of the content is the same 🙂 For me, I had five courses in my first year: Intro To Stats in first term, Real Analysis and Intro To Applied in second, and … Continue reading Maths.