Results Day – My Story

Hey everyone, I’m Katy and this is what Results Day was like for me. So before I actually received my results, I had a niggling feeling that my exams hadn’t gone the way I’d hoped. So when I wasn’t working (I had a part-time job to help me save for uni) I started doing research … Continue reading Results Day – My Story

Clearing: My Journey

My story with Clearing began when I attended a graduation here at the University of York. I was blown away by how beautiful the university was and at the friendliness of the people. Prior to this, I was a student at another university. However, I knew as soon as I came to York that this … Continue reading Clearing: My Journey

My Clearing Experience

Feelings about Clearing Before results day I was filled with anxiety, during the summer of year thirteen the fear of results day looms over you. I originally intended to take a gap year, but after receiving my results my mother advised me to go through clearing. Neither of us had any knowledge of the processes … Continue reading My Clearing Experience

My Experience in Clearing

The idea of Clearing was something that had always been imposed upon me by my sixth form leaders as some sort of stressful labyrinth that was to be avoided at all costs. Although this mentality may have encouraged me to adopt a strict revision schedule, it definitely didn’t do anything to calm my nerves for … Continue reading My Experience in Clearing

My Results Day Story

I was terrified for Results Day! I’d spent the last two years working incredibly hard in the hope of getting a place at the university I wanted to go to. I spent hours every day revising for months running up to my exams. After exams, I spent far too much time panicking about what my … Continue reading My Results Day Story

A Festival of Clearing

My clearing experience can only really be described as an emotional rollercoaster of events. There were times of joy, excitement, stress, worry and overall relief as I went through the process. I hope my story will reassure anyone who, like me, worries about rejection, failure, stress, and the unknown. Trust me, if I, a rather … Continue reading A Festival of Clearing