New ! Career Journey Planner for Research Postgraduates

Career planning. What’s your reaction to those words ? Many people experience a negative reaction, regarding it as time consuming or stressful, with tasks or decisions to be put off for as long as possible. For others it suggests opportunity, excitement and development, something they’re keen to spend time on.  So, where are you currently … Continue reading New ! Career Journey Planner for Research Postgraduates

PGR Ask Me Anything: Q&A with the Vice-Chancellor, YGRS and GSA

The York Graduate Research School with the Graduate Students’ Association is holding another ‘Ask Me Anything’ event for PGRs to pose questions to a panel of University and GSA representatives. At the next session featuring Vice-Chancellor, Charlie Jeffery, you will have the opportunity to ask questions of the panel who are there to support you … Continue reading PGR Ask Me Anything: Q&A with the Vice-Chancellor, YGRS and GSA

Remote usability testing

Last month we carried out our first remote usability testing. I was worried that it wouldn’t work as well as when we run them in person, but it turned out to be easier to organise, and just as much fun.

Choosing York over Cambridge

For a long time, Cambridge was my dream university.  From a young age, I wanted to go there to study and so naturally, I applied in October 2018. I also applied to York, Nottingham, Newcastle and Lancaster, and last year I began studying English at the University of York. I received an interview offer from Selwyn … Continue reading Choosing York over Cambridge

Teach with Health Sciences

The Department of Health Sciences would like to invite applications to the position of GTA as part of the team delivering Masters-level content across two statistics modules. Applicants will need to demonstrate a clear understanding of the subject matter raised in modules. Applications are not restricted to postgraduates within the Department of Health Sciences. Roles … Continue reading Teach with Health Sciences

York Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Forum (YPIF)

Join an interactive York Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Forum (YPIF) event from 6-7.15 pm on Wednesday 21 October. This online event will act as a taster of the dynamic YPIF speaker series to come during the 2020-21 academic year, highlighting research across faculty. At the session, you will hear from a variety of speakers about their research … Continue reading York Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Forum (YPIF)