Cooking at Uni

Like washing clothes or making your bed, cooking for yourself is one of those things many students don’t realise they don’t know how to do until they have to do it…And that’s when the fumbling with the instructions on the back of a packet of pasta starts. So in this post, I thought I’d give a … Continue reading Cooking at Uni

Philosophy at A-Level and Degree – What’s the Difference?

If A-Level is difficult – is a Degree Still for Me? On the one hand, I loved studying A-Level Philosophy. The chance to explore the ideas of some of history’s best philosophers was a whole new opportunity. So if you’re studying A-Level at the moment, and loving it, you’d have good reason to. Despite this though, I did find aspects of … Continue reading Philosophy at A-Level and Degree – What’s the Difference?

Making Friends at Uni

Everyone looks forward to making new friends at university, although none of us gets taught exactly how to do it. Rather, we learn by an (often clumsy) kind of trial and error – by experience. As such, I thought I’d summarise a few things that I’ve picked up from my own trials (and errors) with making friends at … Continue reading Making Friends at Uni