Ba beh? From the Mallorca field course

If I wrote that I were trying to simultaneously finish an essay, reply to messages and plan my summer, it would sound like a normal Tuesday. If I added that I’m also mentally running through my Catalan phrases (‘Ba beh?’ is equivalent to ‘y’alright?’) and enjoying the 20 degree heat, it really doesn’t. I am … Continue reading Ba beh? From the Mallorca field course

Skipping Ahead

Happy February, everyone! By now, you will have offers in hand and are probably trying to decide where you should live and study for the next three years. For a minute, though, I’d like to skip ahead to a year from now, and let’s pretend you’ve chosen York. You’re in the second term of your first year and thinking about where … Continue reading Skipping Ahead

The Light at the End of the Tunnel (i.e. exams are over!)

It can seem sometimes (and those times are usually early January) that life is a bit miserable. Spring term exams are scheduled months in advance, but they still seem to spring up out of nowhere, a pun that explains their title better than the season, which definitely has not arrived by Jan 4th. The mad … Continue reading The Light at the End of the Tunnel (i.e. exams are over!)

4/9 of a Biology Degree

Hello, readers! I hope you’re all having a good week. It’s an exciting time, when you’re looking forward to the next year and finishing school as well. You might be considering York, but may not have been up to visit campus, or even visited Yorkshire at all. So to give a little insight into what Biology at York is really like, I … Continue reading 4/9 of a Biology Degree