Education, Education, Education

For most people (including me), questioning education is not something one does as they grow up. The bells, the uniform, the timetable, what you are taught and who decides this. For most of us, this goes largely unquestioned, a passing thought from time to time. We turn up, do what we are asked to do, … Continue reading Education, Education, Education

A day in the life of an Education student

University life can be challenging, but at the University of York, there is plenty of support on hand, and the hard work is worthwhile! I usually wake up at eight o’clock, before having a shower, getting dressed and wishing the world good morning. I like to start the day with a big bowl of porridge, which usually … Continue reading A day in the life of an Education student

An International Perspective

The University of York is a collegiate university, meaning that when you join, whether living on campus or not, you become a member of one its nine colleges. During my first year, I lived in Constantine College, where I moved in with a number of international students. In just one apartment, there were three British, one German, … Continue reading An International Perspective

Creating a Better World!

One of the best things about the University of York is the opportunity to hear from some of the most intelligent people in the world. For example, Professor Amartya Sen spoke at the University this summer, a previous winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize. Sen argued that in order for societies to flourish, their constituents … Continue reading Creating a Better World!