The Music Society

The Music Society at the University of York is one of the most popular of its kind. It provides a number of incredibly useful services, and for a membership price of just £6.50 for the academic year, it’s an absolute steal! Here’s what the society does: Lunchtime Concerts Series: Every week of term there are two … Continue reading The Music Society

Why choose music at York?

The Music course at the University of York has something for everyone, and its structure is one of the main reasons I chose York. I thought I’d give you a quick run-down of the way it works and some (but not all) of its best features… Practical Project Every year, the first module the first-years undertake is the ‘practical … Continue reading Why choose music at York?

Musicals at the University of York

This month I want to talk about musicals at the University of York. For all you singery/dancery/actory types out there, York is the place to be, as the musicals scene is massive! There are a number of performance societies here, but only one devoted entirely to musicals, and it’s called Central Hall Musicals Society, or CHMS (Central Hall … Continue reading Musicals at the University of York

A Cappella Singing at York

There is an immense number of student-run music groups in the department, from folk bands to jazz bands, gospel choirs to clarinet choirs – there’s even a guitar orchestra! And the brilliant thing is that if you see a space for a group that doesn’t currently exist, there’s nothing stopping you from setting it up yourself! As a singer I have … Continue reading A Cappella Singing at York

A week in the life of a Music student

‘What are they up to in there, those musos?’, I’m sure many outside the department must wonder. You see, having a building all to ourselves, complete with practise rooms and concert halls, means we can sometimes end up a little isolated from the rest of university life. So here’s a snapshot of just some of what’s going on, from the … Continue reading A week in the life of a Music student