Assessments, internships and holidays

I hope the Easter break has been enjoyable for us all? It went by so quickly, as has our second year at university. It’s been great fun so far but the time has come to put our heads down for the final stretch. With assessments fast approaching, it’s clear to say that all of our … Continue reading Assessments, internships and holidays

Work experience on campus

Overall, this past term has been yet another success for the IM students at York. We have learnt many new skills through both personal and group projects. Nevertheless, with the end of the academic year approaching, it’s safe to say that Easter is a welcome break.   Now that many of us have a little … Continue reading Work experience on campus

A day in the life of an Interactive Media student

The academic excellence at York, is just one of the many reasons one should join. It is a city full of history, culture and a buzzing atmosphere. A normal day is predominantly spent on campus. IM students have many facilities at their fingertips, ranging from an IM lab to numerous rooms and ‘study pods’ surrounded by … Continue reading A day in the life of an Interactive Media student

Interactive Media at York

Arts and sciences are often thought of at opposite ends of the academic spectrum. Consequently, as both a design and tech enthusiast, this made my degree choice difficult. The Interactive media degree at York allowed me to fuse my background in design and technology together, combining a broad base of visual, media and computing skills, … Continue reading Interactive Media at York