Accommodation and Societies!

Hi all, After doing recent visit days in the department, lots of students were asking about accommodation (halls, in particular) and joining societies – so I thought I’d go over some things and try and ease some worries you may have. Accommodation In your first year, you will (probably) live in University accommodation aka ‘halls’. … Continue reading Accommodation and Societies!

A Week in the Life of a Psychology Student

Hi all! I thought I’d give you an insight into a week in the life of a first year Psychology student here at York! Some of you may be concerned that uni is more intense than your previous education… so i’m here to settle those worries! So for first and second year, your work is … Continue reading A Week in the Life of a Psychology Student

Psychology at York – Why we’re the Best!

Hi guys! I have attached a link of an interview I carried out with Professor Peter Thompson at the University of York for you to watch – he captures why choosing to study Psychology at York is your best option! But here are my summarised points… Pete specialises in Vision and Visual Perception and teaches … Continue reading Psychology at York – Why we’re the Best!

Revision, Revision… Results!!

Hello! So, by now, York will (of course) be your first choice… and you’re starting to think “but it’s so amazingly perfect I don’t want to go anywhere else, what if I don’t get in?!” DO NOT STRESS! Firstly… Getting worked up about whether or not you’ll get into York will only put more pressure on … Continue reading Revision, Revision… Results!!

College, Courses and Cases!

Hello again everyone! I thought I’d base this blog mainly on accommodation as that’s likely to be your next step in preparation for coming to York (because you obviously chose us!) York has a number of different colleges housing students of all years, over two campuses – Campus West (where Psychology is based) and Campus East. … Continue reading College, Courses and Cases!

Trains, Timetables and Tests!

Hi guys! I hope you’re all well and had a lovely Christmas and New year. In this blog, I thought I would give you a bit of an insight as to what it is like living as a First year Psychology student here in York! First and second year timetables are of a very similar … Continue reading Trains, Timetables and Tests!

Brains, Beauty and Boats – First Year in York!

I think results day was probably the scariest day of my life so far! NO, I take that back… the day before was the scariest! I just remember having butterflies in my tummy and being unable to concentrate on anything else. But I am a huge believer in fate so I told myself what was … Continue reading Brains, Beauty and Boats – First Year in York!