Events at York

There are many events held at the University throughout the year. Here are a couple of highlights: * SPiKL is an intra-university language exchange platform for university students based in the UK. Students are given the opportunity to learn, practice, teach and exchange languages as they partnered with another student. The SPiKL society hosted an event … Continue reading Events at York

Third Year Dissertation Poster Sessions

At York, students get the chance to showcase their initial research into their dissertation topic. In the autumn term, there were dissertation workshops to help third years start researching; this term we get to show off the progress we have made. So, every week in spring term, about 20 or so students present their posters … Continue reading Third Year Dissertation Poster Sessions


It can be very overwhelming looking at different universities and the way they structure their courses. Above all, you have to pick the one that you think will be best suited to you. I choose York because I liked the way the course was structured over the three years as well as the variety of … Continue reading Politics@York

Politics Work Experience

First term in third year for me has been about applying for graduate schemes. To keep with that theme, I thought I’d give you a quick whirlwind tour of what experiences York and other volunteering organisations can offer you. I have spent a lot of time writing application answers about my experiences in the past … Continue reading Politics Work Experience