Dissertation and beyond

During the second term of your second year you are introduced to the idea of a dissertation. At first this 10,000 word project may seem daunting. I have begun to finalise my ideas about a dissertation topic and in this blog I’d like to show you that it should be seen as a great opportunity … Continue reading Dissertation and beyond

University is about more than your degree…

We all know that the reason we come to university is our degree. We want to study something we like and at the end of our time at uni we want to graduate with a first class honours and find an amazing job. This is the end goal… But, once you start uni you will … Continue reading University is about more than your degree…

Studying History at York: a student’s perspective

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 09:00 10:00 Rhythm and Reason Seminar 12:00 13:00 Making Histories Lecture 14:00 15:00 16:00 Making Histories Seminar 17:00 18:00 The image above shows what my timetable was like during my first term of studying History at York. Don’t worry, I said the same thing as you: ‘Do we only … Continue reading Studying History at York: a student’s perspective

Making the Move

Hello everybody! My name is Mark and I am currently a second year history student. I come from a small town called Kendal and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at York so far. Throughout my blogs I will try and show you all that York is such an amazing place to live and study, … Continue reading Making the Move