Living in York!

OK, so I hope I’ve shown you why I love the Language and Linguistics Department at York but don’t just take my word for it. We’re ranked 2nd in the UK for world-leading linguistics research in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, and we’re a UK Top 20 and World Top 100 department. By now you probably have all of your … Continue reading Living in York!

Transatlantic Linguistics

The evolution of English in a growing technological era is rapid. A high speed internet connection means you don’t need to know, don’t even need to be within 2,000 miles of, a speaker of American English, and you might still find yourself using their vocabulary. England, whilst it still has its beautifully British quirks, has certainly adopted some … Continue reading Transatlantic Linguistics

Studying Linguistics at York

Now you know how to impress your flatmates with some homemade veggie burgers (see last blog post if you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about), it’s probably time to talk about what else you’ll be doing at University – studying. I remember the exact moment I decided York was the place to go to … Continue reading Studying Linguistics at York

5 Student Recipes That Beat A Pot Noodle

If anything, University has made me impossibly unashamed to photograph my food in public, with the sole purpose of uploading it to Instagram and Tumblr and Facebook with the most relevant emoji I can find. But now, in true #nofilter fashion, I’ve decided to give it all a reason for being on the internet. Cooking can be … Continue reading 5 Student Recipes That Beat A Pot Noodle