Freshers Week Survival Guide

Although Fresher’s week can be one of the highlights of your first year at university, it can also be a pretty daunting prospect! Here are a few pearls of wisdom on how to survive and make the most of freshers’.. Be Prepared Whether it’s stocking up on fancy dress, piling up the hangover food or … Continue reading Freshers Week Survival Guide

It’s not just about the degree!

The main reason many of you will be choosing to attend York is to study for a degree from a top class university (which of course is a very valid reason!), but there is so much more that you will be taking away from your time here. It is inevitable that you are going to … Continue reading It’s not just about the degree!

Getting to Grips with 3rd Year

Hello! So your time to start university is getting closer, and although for you the 3rd year might seem a long way off, it will almost certainly come around much quicker than you ever expected (university has been the quickest 4 years of my life so far!) This blog post is going to be dedicated … Continue reading Getting to Grips with 3rd Year

Placement or No Placement?

Hi, my name is Becci and I am in my final year at the university, studying Accounting, Business Finance and Management (ABFM for short, as it is a bit of a mouthful). As I have just returned to the university after spending a year on placement, I thought I would use this blog post to … Continue reading Placement or No Placement?