University – a busy life

OK so I have to plan that event…I’ll do that after work today…Right then I need to go to that meeting and prepare for it…OK and that online training… Oh and that form… I should probably find some summer work experience… Ah don’t forget to buy Sophie a birthday present… Wow I’m really tired… Ah … Continue reading University – a busy life

Societies: all or nothing?

Kayaking, Italian, Amnesty International, York Anti-Trafficking Student Group, Christian Union, York Model United Nations….. Woah woah woah! Slow down! There’s too much to choose from. You can get involved in loads of societies in your first year. I certainly did, and why not? Uni is a unique environment where you can try many different things … Continue reading Societies: all or nothing?

Back to education after gap year travels- HELP!

I know the feeling. You’ve left home, seen the world, and then all of a sudden, you’re back in school again. What’s the point? You go from this: To this: NOT. AGAIN. I hear you say. Well, let me reassure you, I was in the same boat. Here’s the rather unconventional way I decided which uni … Continue reading Back to education after gap year travels- HELP!

York, and then what? Careers, travel and further study

Oh my gosh, I don’t know what to do with my life!!! I’m sure this is one thought that you may have experiences at some point in the run up to Uni. Is uni even the right thing for me? What if I get there and don’t like it? What if I get there and … Continue reading York, and then what? Careers, travel and further study

College Life

A university with colleges or university without colleges? Does it make a difference? What are the purpose of colleges? Will it help me make friends? Am I going to care after first year? These are all questions that were whizzing around my head when I was applying for Universities. In the whirlwind that is UCAS … Continue reading College Life