A week in the life of a Music student

‘What are they up to in there, those musos?’, I’m sure many outside the department must wonder. You see, having a building all to ourselves, complete with practise rooms and concert halls, means we can sometimes end up a little isolated from the rest of university life. So here’s a snapshot of just some of what’s going on, from the … Continue reading A week in the life of a Music student

Creating a Better World!

One of the best things about the University of York is the opportunity to hear from some of the most intelligent people in the world. For example, Professor Amartya Sen spoke at the University this summer, a previous winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize. Sen argued that in order for societies to flourish, their constituents … Continue reading Creating a Better World!

Computer Science At York

Going into a computer science degree, you always get the stereotypical view from others that you’re going into your first year expecting to stay in your room playing games like World Of Warcraft, you’re not really going to socialise with others and that you’re preparing for a life of pretty much just coding away at … Continue reading Computer Science At York

English Lit November 2015

Hello people-who-are-considering-studying-English-Literature-at-York!  It may seem far off now but before you know it A-levels will have been and gone, and you’ll suddenly have to start working out how many pairs of socks one requires to survive at university (14 works for me).  That’s why you need to begin mulling over exactly which university you shall … Continue reading English Lit November 2015

4/9 of a Biology Degree

Hello, readers! I hope you’re all having a good week. It’s an exciting time, when you’re looking forward to the next year and finishing school as well. You might be considering York, but may not have been up to visit campus, or even visited Yorkshire at all. So to give a little insight into what Biology at York is really like, I … Continue reading 4/9 of a Biology Degree