Making the Most of Freshers’ Week

Freshers’ Week is an exciting welcome period for new students starting at UK universities. In this blog post, we’ll visit the various types of activities that York has to offer. From colourful club nights to non-alcohol events, there’s bound to be something for everyone. Your timetable will automatically populate with ‘must attend’ events such as … Continue reading Making the Most of Freshers’ Week

My Freshers’ Week Experience

There’s a certain legend cultivated around Freshers’ Week, that it should be the best and wildest week of your university experience. But although Freshers’ Week can be a lot of fun, for most people, myself included, university gets a lot better afterwards. My first day Arriving with my parents to move into Alcuin felt very … Continue reading My Freshers’ Week Experience

Freshers’ Week Vlog

Hi, I’m Faye and I’m in my first year at York doing Biomed. I wanted to vlog my Freshers’ Week not only to keep the memories but to show others a true representation of what the week entails! So I’ve captured the highs and lows for you to watch..enjoy! You might also like… Read more student … Continue reading Freshers’ Week Vlog

My Freshers’ Week experience

On your first day, I would expect a lot of waiting around! You’ll probably have to wait for your Freshers’ packs and for your student card. And eventually, you’ll be waiting for whoever dropped you off to leave so you can begin to get to know your new flatmates! There’s a lot of admin involved … Continue reading My Freshers’ Week experience