What’s it like being an International Student Ambassador?

International Student Ambassadors are responsible for helping at events and representing the university from an international student’s perspective. I’m currently a postgraduate student, but I’ve been an International Student Ambassador since the first year of my undergraduate studies. The role has given me so many new skills and experiences. I’m going to share my story … Continue reading What’s it like being an International Student Ambassador?

My placement year in a pandemic

I’m Taylor and I am a final year English Language and Linguistics (with placement year) student and I want to share some of the opportunities that are offered as part of your programme of study at the University of York, and in the Department of Language and Linguistic Science. Higher education is not only about discovering more about the subject you love, it is also a great opportunity to immerse yourself in everything that the city and the University has to offer and one of those things is the Placement Year Programme. In my blog, I will be talking about my placement year experience, some of my placement highlights and how this experience has impacted my studies. I hope you are looking forward to coming to York and starting your course. You have so much to look forward to- just remember to grab every opportunity that comes by you!