A week in the life of a Global Development student

Hi! I’m Olivia and I study Global Development at the University of York. I just wanted to let you know about what a typical week could look like as a Global Development student. In my blog I will give examples of possible modules and what this translates to in contact hours. I will run through the opportunities that are available to Global Development students, many of which are displayed in the weekly politics department newsletter. Finally, I will cover some assessment material and what you could expect. I love my Global Development degree, and hopefully this blog will excite you to start studying this interesting subject too!

Studying Global Development at York: a Field Trip to Saltaire

Hi! I’m Isla and I study Global Development at the University of York. I wanted to let you know what it’s like to study this degree at York. One of my favourite things about the degree is that it has a small cohort, this means we all know each other very well and it can make trips and group work super fun. Going on trips can be a really exciting part of the university experience, but we also learn useful things to implement within our work. Saltaire is a small village, and it is the first trip of the global development cohort. In my blog I’m going to talk about my experience of the trip as well as it’s wider impact on our degree and what offer holders can look forward to when studying global development at York.