My Summer Internship – what I’ve learned so far

Hi! I’m Anjali and I’m currently on a 3-month summer internship with Auto Trader as a Business Development Intern in Manchester. I’m studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics here at York. Although my degree doesn’t directly relate to the next steps I’m taking in my career, the transferable skills I’ve picked up across the three disciplines … Continue reading My Summer Internship – what I’ve learned so far

Looking back on life at York

Hi, I’m Morgan! I studied BA (Hons) Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at York, and I’m graduating in 2022. After my graduation, I’ll be moving to London, having accepted an offer on Deloitte’s Consulting graduate programme as a Business Transformation Analyst. Finding my course Looking back, I’d always been studious, wanting to understand how the … Continue reading Looking back on life at York

Studying PPE at York: the best bits

I’m Molly and I am a final year student studying Politics and Economics at York! I want to tell you about why being a part of the School of PPE is an amazing experience and some other things about what it’s like to study one of the PPE programmes here. I love the variation in teaching that studying a joint-honours allows me to experience across the disciplines, whenever I get too bogged down in essay writing I can take a break and hop over to something more problem-solving based while still being productive in my study time. Your university experience is not just 3 years of pure study and the social opportunities at York make it unique. My blog will cover things about the Club of PEP, and some of the course content that I have particularly enjoyed over my 3 years so far.

A week in the life of a Politics and Philosophy student

Politics and philosophy are two of the more interesting subjects you can find yourself studying at University. Most people talk about how fast-paced and varied their life is when they come to York to study. However, when studying two different subjects, this gets cranked up to eleven. With this in mind, I’m going to take … Continue reading A week in the life of a Politics and Philosophy student

Club of PEP Study Trips

What is the best thing about studying PPE at York? Hands down, I would say that it is the people I study with. I don’t know of a course, at any university, where there is more of a sense of community than PEP at York. This is largely due to the Club of PEP, which is a student-run … Continue reading Club of PEP Study Trips

Exams are over… what now?

The answer to this question might seem a bit obvious: ‘more lectures, more seminars, more reading…’, but that’s not what I am referring to! What can you do to just relax and unwind after a difficult exam week and all the study you had to do for that beforehand? Well, I have a few personal … Continue reading Exams are over… what now?