A week in the life of a second year Theoretical Physics student

My name’s Elliott, and I’m a 2nd year Theoretical Physics student at the University of York. This blog will give you some fresh insight into what it’s really like to study physics at York. My blog will be a rundown of a typical week for me at the university, detailing the different modules/labs I attend on a weekly basis, my opinions, and what you can expect if you come to York to study Physics. I’ll also give a brief introduction to a few of the non-academic things you can get involved in around the department, such as PhysSoc, or the Rocketry society, all of which I love!

My experience with the Nuclear Physics masterclasses

Hi! I’m Talia, and I’m a fourth year Physics student at the University of York. I’m really interested in robotics and computational physics, and I’m currently completing an MPhys project which allows me to do a bit of both! I’ve enjoyed the wide range of different areas of physics I’ve been exposed to throughout my degree programme, from modules in cosmology and stars, to laboratories in biophysics. I’ve also loved the opportunities I’ve been able to have working in physics outreach for the department. In my blog I’ll talk about my experience helping with the Nuclear Physics Masterclasses that were run by the department for physics students in years 12 and 13, and how this has helped me in my studies!

YUSU – what is it?!??

If you been to York for a visit day, or if you end up coming here, YUSU is a word you’ll hear bandied about rather a lot. While you would be forgiven for thinking a superfruit has taken over campus, YUSU actually stands for York University Student Union. YUSU is run for, with, and by … Continue reading YUSU – what is it?!??

A little bit about me!

Hello there! I’ve been writing these blog posts for a little while now but realised I’ve never actually introduced myself. So for those of you new to the site here’s a little a bit about me… My route to get here: My name is Emma! Home for me is a small town in Sussex.  I’m … Continue reading A little bit about me!

Internships, work experience, student placements, etc, etc…

Internships, work experience, student placements, I’m sure you’ve probably had six million careers talks all about the merit of doing them. The ‘transferable’ skills you’ll gain and how great it’ll look on your CV etc etc. I’ve been there, sitting in the lecture theatre thinking sure, sure, yeah, punctuality is important obviously, blah blah and … Continue reading Internships, work experience, student placements, etc, etc…