Life as a student in York

In this month’s blog post, I thought I’d tell you some more about the life of a student in the city of York. If you want to read my last article on what you can expect from a Politics course at York just click here. In your first year studying Politics at York you can … Continue reading Life as a student in York

Studying Politics at York

Hello again! In my last blog post I told you about some of the fantastic extra-curricular activities available to students in the School of Politics at the University of York. This time, I thought I’d tell you more about the courses and study options available! The School of Politics at York offers a range of interesting courses … Continue reading Studying Politics at York

York Politics Society

Hi! I’m Sam. I’m a third year Politics with International Relations student and this is my first blog post for Student Voices. I wanted to tell you a little about an integral and important part of the life of a Politics student at York: York Politics Society (PolSoc) If you’re a student studying Politics, Politics … Continue reading York Politics Society

Keeping up with deadlines

 Hello all, I’m Freddy. I’m a second year Social and Political Sciences student, and I’m going to be blogging about all things York this year. For my first post, I thought it’d be a good idea to keep things nice and simple. Also, in writing this article I’m reminding myself of the great amount of … Continue reading Keeping up with deadlines

Events at York

There are many events held at the University throughout the year. Here are a couple of highlights: * SPiKL is an intra-university language exchange platform for university students based in the UK. Students are given the opportunity to learn, practice, teach and exchange languages as they partnered with another student. The SPiKL society hosted an event … Continue reading Events at York


It can be very overwhelming looking at different universities and the way they structure their courses. Above all, you have to pick the one that you think will be best suited to you. I choose York because I liked the way the course was structured over the three years as well as the variety of … Continue reading Politics@York

Creating a Better World!

One of the best things about the University of York is the opportunity to hear from some of the most intelligent people in the world. For example, Professor Amartya Sen spoke at the University this summer, a previous winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize. Sen argued that in order for societies to flourish, their constituents … Continue reading Creating a Better World!