Reflections on the first month of my placement

Hi everyone, I’m Iona, and I study Social and Political Sciences with Philosophy at York! I’m now a month into my Communications and Government Affairs placement year at GlaxoSmithKline. The time has flown by, so I thought I’d document some of my experiences, reflections, and tips I’ve learnt since entering the world of work! Placement … Continue reading Reflections on the first month of my placement

Studying Social and Political Sciences (SPS) – a week in the life

Hey! I’m Iona, and I’m a second year Social and Political Sciences with Philosophy student at the University of York. I’ve loved my time here so far, and I wanted to share what it’s like being part of the SPS department. When I began my degree, I didn’t realise just how diverse my studies would be, and how many opportunities I would have. From picking a variety of modules I find really interesting to making friends in lots of different departments, life as an SPS student has a lot to offer. It’s going to be hard to write about an average week in the SPS department, since each week is so different, but I’ll give it a go! I’ve had a look back at my timetable and in this blog post I’m going to give a rough idea of the kind of things I’ve got up to.

My Year in Industry… at a Small Company

Hi, I’m Vinnie, I study Social and Political Sciences, and I did a Year in Industry. I would love to tell you about my work placement, and whether you should consider doing a Year in Industry. A Careers and Placements ‘Year in Industry’ is available to everyone. In my blog, I discuss motives for doing a Year in Industry, my experiences, what I think you can learn, my assessment of the experience overall and what I gained. I present a personal perspective which intends to leave you considering whether you should do a Year in Industry. But further, its about taking control of your university journey and learning more about who you are, and who you would like to become… whilst being paid. Enjoy.

Things to look forward to about Social and Political Sciences (SPS) at York

The range of content With an SPS degree you’ll be studying across three different subjects, so naturally the breadth of subjects you cover is super broad. The course gives you a basic grounding in each of three disciplines in your first year, offering you an introduction to politics, sociology and social policy. You will then … Continue reading Things to look forward to about Social and Political Sciences (SPS) at York

What makes an SPS student!

Hello everyone! My name is Jessica and I am currently a 1st year student who is completing a degree in SPS (Social and Political Sciences). I will be using this blog post to emphasize what an amazing and diverse course it is. I currently do one module in Sociology, one module in Social Policy and … Continue reading What makes an SPS student!

What to pack for university

I don’t think a definitive list of what to pack for university exists but there are definitely a few essentials that won’t go amiss, unfortunately, none of it is very exciting. Cutlery, cups, plates and cooking utensils might seems obvious suggestions but I didn’t pack any of these things and, instead, thought I’d buy them … Continue reading What to pack for university