Make revision easier: tips for revision to ease exam stress

When revising for exams, we often underestimate just how much mental and emotional strain we put ourselves through to get the results we want. Sometimes our mental health can suffer because of unhealthy revision habits, and we can compromise our performance because of this.  My aim is to provide some tips for healthy revision that … Continue reading Make revision easier: tips for revision to ease exam stress

Making it work: part-time employment and full-time degrees!

Hi, my name is Sammie. I am in my 4th year at the University of York. I previously studied BSc Environmental Geography for three years, and now I’m engaged in MSc Sustainability Science for a further year. I’m a long-standing member of the Archery Society and love the University for its gorgeous campus and friendly … Continue reading Making it work: part-time employment and full-time degrees!

My experience of off-campus accommodation in York

About me Hi, I’m Maoxun! I’m an international postgraduate student studying Music Education at the University of York. When I started in January 2021, there was a housing shortage both on and off-campus. Despite this, the university managed to provide me with accommodation in Constantine. However, my lectures were on Campus West which I believed … Continue reading My experience of off-campus accommodation in York

A week in the life of an aspiring forensic psychologist

In my blog I hope to inform prospective students hoping to go into Forensic Psychology/other relevant disciplines what to expect in a typical week: with a few social activities mixed in! I also hope to shed some light on the amazing support from the psychology department and all the targeted help they give.

My favourite thing about university is the constant opportunities of independence to build your confidence. You choose what course you want to do, which modules you take, and where to take your knowledge. Psychology at York University really helps you take hold of where you want your future to go.

My top 5 revision tips

As exam season fast approaches it’s important to begin to think about how best to manage, plan and utilise your time effectively. In this blog, I’ll go through my top 5 revision tips, which helped me be successful in exams. I hope they help you too! Start Revising Early! There’s nothing worse than leaving revision … Continue reading My top 5 revision tips

My experience of the Pre-1900 Production Project

My name is Stevie and I am a Third year Theatre student at the University of York. It is an absolute joy to write about this University and my course, in addition to what I believe makes it so unique in comparison to other institutions. In my blog I am going to be discussing a recent module I completed in the first term of Third year and the experiences I personally had with it. ‘Pre-1900s’ is a core module of your Third year within the Theatre degree, and is an incredibly exciting challenge to undertake working with your peers to create some truly impressive theatre. A key part of University, for me, is falling in love with your degree and reminding yourself why you chose to pursue the subject you did. With the Pre-1900s module it was absolutely a perfect reminder of why I particularly love Theatre and immersing myself in it on a daily basis.