Coming To University As A Contextual Offer Holder

What is a contextual offer? By definition, a contextual offer is ‘a reduced offer for UK undergraduates that is typically one or two grades below the standard entry requirements’. They are given to students like you and I, who may have experienced socioeconomic disadvantages in their schooling, as a way to reduce pressure. The joy … Continue reading Coming To University As A Contextual Offer Holder

How to manage your money

I will be covering ways of making money at university to help fund your studies, as well as sharing my top tips for managing your money. Part-time jobs Part-time jobs tend to fall under two main categories: university-wide jobs and city-wide jobs. A popular example of a university-wide job is a staff member at a … Continue reading How to manage your money

Managing your money: student budgeting

Hi there! My name is Sophie, and I’m a final-year English and Related Literature student here at York. I love the city as there’s so much to experience: beautiful bookshops, vibrant nightlife, and loads of shops and museums to explore. I’ve recently written a blog post about managing your money as a new or returning student; it’s important to have fun and enjoy your time at university, so keeping on top of your finances is essential to reduce stress. I hope you’ll check it out!