Having Erasmus Flatmates

While typically the purpose of Erasmus is to discover and experience a culture different from yours, in my case it has been even more than that. Obviously there is a majority of British students on my course and I’ve also met others outside of it, but having other Erasmus students as flatmates has given me the … Continue reading Having Erasmus Flatmates

Time flies!

Today, as people are wondering how they’ll manage the last, intense, week of classes, what the final exams will consist off, or even what will be on the dinner table at Christmas, I have one question of my own: where did the time go? It may sound like a cliche, but it truly feels like it … Continue reading Time flies!

Study Abroad – Settling in

My first six-week term at Rhodes University, South Africa, started with “Suicide Sunday” and ended with “Hell week”. These are names given by “Rhodents” for the first Sunday back of the term, where everyone is reunited so gets on the lash only to be incredibly hungover for the first Monday morning lectures, and the final … Continue reading Study Abroad – Settling in

The Return to SA

Countdown to take off! I am SO excited that I will be setting off for South Africa in a matter of weeks. Since spending a year in Swaziland as a Project Trust volunteer, after finishing school, I have been itching to return to the continent I fell in love with and start a new adventure. … Continue reading The Return to SA