Why York?

The two main reasons I chose the University of York are the academic reputation and the college system. As a member of the Russell Group, the University has a great reputation for academia and I thought it was a place where I could push myself academically. However, the reason I chose York over other Russell … Continue reading Why York?

Why did I choose York?

Hi, my name is Annalisa. I am a third year Biology student at the University and also a student ambassador. I am part of James College and lived on campus in my first year. Read on to find out why I chose to come to York for my university experience. UCAS and open days Honestly, … Continue reading Why did I choose York?

The reasons why I chose York

Campus West and Campus East The reason why I became interested in the University of York is because it has two impressive campuses. Both Campus West and East offer alternative living experiences: Campus West is lively and bustling, whilst Campus East is idyllic and contemporary. No matter which option you choose, the other is merely … Continue reading The reasons why I chose York

Moving from London to York

Moving away from home can be a daunting situation, especially when you find yourself moving over 200 miles away from home! But now, in my third year, York has become a second home, and I settled in far quicker than I ever imagined, thanks to this beautiful city. Initial Excitement I remember when my UCAS … Continue reading Moving from London to York

Things to look forward to about Electronics and Engineering at York

Getting ready for university can be stressful. Today, I’m hoping to take your mind off this by telling you about all the exciting things to expect when studying Electronics and Engineering at York! Let’s begin! Facilities Expect high standard facilities! We have many dedicated labs and computer rooms. There are plentiful study facilities with different … Continue reading Things to look forward to about Electronics and Engineering at York