My Summer Internship – what I’ve learned so far

Hi! I’m Anjali and I’m currently on a 3-month summer internship with Auto Trader as a Business Development Intern in Manchester. I’m studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics here at York. Although my degree doesn’t directly relate to the next steps I’m taking in my career, the transferable skills I’ve picked up across the three disciplines … Continue reading My Summer Internship – what I’ve learned so far

My Pre-Placement Thoughts

The idea of a year in industry or a placement year can be a daunting prospect. So hopefully, this blog will go some way to make you feel better about the process whether you are a first-year just learning about them or a second-year coming close to the deadline for securing one. My placement is … Continue reading My Pre-Placement Thoughts

Reflections on the first month of my placement

Hi everyone, I’m Iona, and I study Social and Political Sciences with Philosophy at York! I’m now a month into my Communications and Government Affairs placement year at GlaxoSmithKline. The time has flown by, so I thought I’d document some of my experiences, reflections, and tips I’ve learnt since entering the world of work! Placement … Continue reading Reflections on the first month of my placement

Jade’s experience as an Intern Games Designer at Criterion Games

We asked Interactive Media student Jade about their degree, gaining work placement experience and the day-to-day life of a games designer. Why did you decide to do a placement? Working in the games industry has always been what I wanted to do and through the course I’m studying at university, I discovered my love for … Continue reading Jade’s experience as an Intern Games Designer at Criterion Games

Ella’s placement experience at The Walt Disney Company

Interactive Media student Ella tells us about her work placement as a Creative Campaigns and Production Intern at The Walt Disney Company. Why did you decide to do a placement? I really wanted to get outside the university bubble and experience the creative industry for myself. Also, as Interactive Media is a hugely varied course … Continue reading Ella’s placement experience at The Walt Disney Company

My nursing placement survival guide

Hey guys! My name is Christine, you might have come across one or two of my previous blogs, such as my ‘What I wish I knew before starting my placement in the Operating Theatre’ blog. If you haven’t, you might want to check them out to gain some useful insight into what this amazing course has to offer. I have just completed my first term of third-year as a student nurse on the Adult Nursing course. Being a third-year student, I think I am finally eligible to say that I have completed a fair number of placements in my day. Hence, I finally feel qualified to bring you my ‘Placement Survival Guide’.

My Year in Industry… at a Small Company

Hi, I’m Vinnie, I study Social and Political Sciences, and I did a Year in Industry. I would love to tell you about my work placement, and whether you should consider doing a Year in Industry. A Careers and Placements ‘Year in Industry’ is available to everyone. In my blog, I discuss motives for doing a Year in Industry, my experiences, what I think you can learn, my assessment of the experience overall and what I gained. I present a personal perspective which intends to leave you considering whether you should do a Year in Industry. But further, its about taking control of your university journey and learning more about who you are, and who you would like to become… whilst being paid. Enjoy.

My placement year in a pandemic

I’m Taylor and I am a final year English Language and Linguistics (with placement year) student and I want to share some of the opportunities that are offered as part of your programme of study at the University of York, and in the Department of Language and Linguistic Science. Higher education is not only about discovering more about the subject you love, it is also a great opportunity to immerse yourself in everything that the city and the University has to offer and one of those things is the Placement Year Programme. In my blog, I will be talking about my placement year experience, some of my placement highlights and how this experience has impacted my studies. I hope you are looking forward to coming to York and starting your course. You have so much to look forward to- just remember to grab every opportunity that comes by you!