One year on

Happy Christmas, and welcome to 2016! As we approach the new term, and I approach the halfway point of my university life, (not quite sure how we got here so quick), I wanted to just look at what things are different between now, and this time last year, and hopefully give a bit of an … Continue reading One year on

Studying in TFTV

Hello! How was your Christmas? I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted and that you stuffed your faces and had a great break! (In any order). In this blog post I thought it’d be a good idea to tell you about the sort of things I get up to in a typical week studying … Continue reading Studying in TFTV

Christmas, New Year and Essays!

Most modules for the Social Policy and Applied Social Science pathways have no exams, which is great but does mean you have lots of essays and assignments to do throughout the year. This Christmas break I had three to do – two essays and one Social Research Methods assignment. The titles get released around mid … Continue reading Christmas, New Year and Essays!

English Lit January 2016

Hello again English Literature people!  I hope you all had very merry Christmases (that word doesn’t look right) and have survived the return to school relatively unscathed. It’s now 2016, and for many of you, this will be the year you actually go to university. That means it’s definitely time to start cogitating on which … Continue reading English Lit January 2016

A little bit about labs

In my last post I mentioned that I was doing a lab report but I realised that you guys probably don’t know what that, or labs in general, really involve. So here goes… Before I came to uni I had an idea in my head what labs would be like. Most of these involved me wearing … Continue reading A little bit about labs

Variety, variety and more variety! One perk to being a PEP student at York.

Aside from being constantly quizzed on current affairs from all your non-PEP friends, and being repeatedly labelled as “one day running the whole country”, a big benefit (at least in my view!) about being a PEP student at York, is the variety on the course. From the ethics of sexual consent to financial markets. From … Continue reading Variety, variety and more variety! One perk to being a PEP student at York.