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Hello everybody, I’m Seyhan, a second year criminology undergraduate and it’s my aim to demonstrate just how good my course, the University and York all are!

Time’s flown by and it’s now the sixth week of the academic year, but things haven’t quite slowed down just yet. This no doubt has something to do with the sheer number of things to get involved with at University – and the range of activities York offers, that other universities do not.

Two student groups I’m part of demonstrate just how York’s “get involved” culture sets it apart from other universities. The first is NightSafe, the country’s first student-led night-time safety initiative. Enthusiastic volunteers patrol the city centre on Uni club nights, providing first-response level assistance to those in need. With training from the Ambulance Service, the Police, and various other organisations (e.g. rape awareness), we use our initiative and skills to deal with a range of incidents. These can be from students who’ve had a bit too much to drink to more demanding situations. I’ll be sure to tell you more about this in the near future!

The second, and the star of this post, is York Community Consulting – an award-winning student-run consultancy. Bright students from across the University work come together to tackle real world problems and create genuine social impact, gaining expert guidance from established professionals along the way.

Clients have ranged from the large (Virgin Trains East Coast) to the charitable (Joseph Trust) and everything in between – including York Council and student start-ups. There aren’t many opportunities where a first year undergraduate can work alongside Masters and PhD students from radically different academic backgrounds, let alone doing so on a project that’ll make a real difference! This could be advising a social enterprise on how to increase its reach, explaining the ways data can be used to increase passenger safety, or assessing the viability of a business plan.

As the HR Officer of YCC I’ve come across some incredibly bright students, and it’s rewarding to be able to recruit and support people who break the persistent “lazy student” stereotype as they go on to even bigger and more exciting things. While I’m a little biased, the professionalism of students can be astounding.

Ultimately I’m glad York that does have such opportunities – as is, I’m sure, the rest of the brilliant YCC Committee (photo above).

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Second year Criminology undergraduate with a strong "get involved in everything" philosophy, and proud member of Derwent College.