A lecturer’s thoughts on Criminology at York

For this post I decided to get a rather different perspective on studying criminology at York. Special thanks go to Dr Katy Sian, lecturer in Sociology, for giving her thoughts on some of my questions… Why do you think criminology is so appealing to students? I think criminology is appealing to students because it is … Continue reading A lecturer’s thoughts on Criminology at York

Do Criminologists believe video games cause violence?

For this post, I thought it would be fun to talk about the topic of a recent seminar (of which I have four per week, one for each module) in which we looked at the (possible) connections between video gaming and violence. The first of our two set readings was an article from 2008 by … Continue reading Do Criminologists believe video games cause violence?

Criminology Modules

Just as you guys probably have work to do this Christmas, so do we! University students work hard over the Christmas break to prepare for assessments and write up essays. In for next term I’ve a 3000-word essay on environmental crime, a 1750-word essay on policy networks, and a portfolio (3 600-word mini-essays and a compilation of … Continue reading Criminology Modules

So much to do!

Hello everybody, I’m Seyhan, a second year criminology undergraduate and it’s my aim to demonstrate just how good my course, the University and York all are! Time’s flown by and it’s now the sixth week of the academic year, but things haven’t quite slowed down just yet. This no doubt has something to do with the sheer … Continue reading So much to do!