Preparing for your exams…

Revising over the Christmas holidays is not always the most exciting thing to do. All you want to do is spend time with your family and your home friends, relax with films and eat lots of food! Unfortunately, the reality is that there is a pile of revision waiting for you, and you do want … Continue reading Preparing for your exams…

Top 5 reasons why studying Biology at York is amazing!

You may be asking yourselves: why should I study Biology at the University of York? What’s so great about living somewhere where you permanently have to dodge geese waddling around campus? Well, here are my top five reasons why studying Biology at York is the best decision you could make…! 1. The Guardian University Guide 2017 ranks … Continue reading Top 5 reasons why studying Biology at York is amazing!

Your College and You

A Uni with colleges or a Uni without colleges? Does it make a difference? What are the purpose of colleges? Will it help me make friends? Am I going to care after first year? These are all questions that were whizzing round my head when I was applying for Universities. In the whirlwind that is … Continue reading Your College and You

A Typical Week

Hello from the other side…of term! Sorry, that was terrible, but I am happy enough to be done with Spring term that I’ll forgive myself a bad Adele intro. First off, thanks to everyone who stopped by our online chat event! One thing I was asked was: what is a typical day like? The answer: … Continue reading A Typical Week