Let’s get down to Business

My name is Josh and I’m a first year Business and Management undergraduate at York. This is my first time studying at university level, my first time having to make new friends from scratch, and my first time living away from home. I absolutely love it here. As a student who came through clearing, I think … Continue reading Let’s get down to Business

Best Moments in York

Time flies! I can’t believe how fast my final year is going. Half of my last semester is over! It’s time to review my three years as a York Management student. Our department organised two visit days last week and, as a student ambassador, I met lots of new faces, who are going to begin … Continue reading Best Moments in York

In step with spring

This spring term, management students in our year will have a high workload as we are going to complete four modules in this semester. Basically, we are taking two modules in our autumn term and four modules in our spring term and we will have more of a focus on revision in the summer term. The … Continue reading In step with spring

Christmas in York

In previous years, I have returned to my home town for my Christmas holiday. However, this year I decided to stay in York, as it is my last year where I can spend my Christmas here! Let me explain a bit about how people celebrate Christmas in York. A Christmas market, which is situated in York city centre, was … Continue reading Christmas in York

Freshers Week Survival Guide

Although Fresher’s week can be one of the highlights of your first year at university, it can also be a pretty daunting prospect! Here are a few pearls of wisdom on how to survive and make the most of freshers’.. Be Prepared Whether it’s stocking up on fancy dress, piling up the hangover food or … Continue reading Freshers Week Survival Guide

Getting to Grips with 3rd Year

Hello! So your time to start university is getting closer, and although for you the 3rd year might seem a long way off, it will almost certainly come around much quicker than you ever expected (university has been the quickest 4 years of my life so far!) This blog post is going to be dedicated … Continue reading Getting to Grips with 3rd Year