What you’re letting yourself in for

The decision to go to university is huge, it’s not one to be taken lightly. University life brings with it many changes. In particular, the way you study and learn changes quite dramatically. So, with the hope of helping you grasp what exactly you may be letting yourself in for if you choose to study in … Continue reading What you’re letting yourself in for

Why I chose to study archaeology at York, and why you should too!

Archaeology has always been an enthusiasm of mine, and I knew that it was the subject I wanted to study at university. So, when it came to choosing which university I wanted to study at, I wanted to make sure I made the right choice! The University of York was perfect for me, for a … Continue reading Why I chose to study archaeology at York, and why you should too!

Studying Chemistry@York: Halfway

I should probably start with telling you a little about who I am. I’m a third year studying Chemistry at York and thoroughly loving it. I don’t really know how I can be a third year since it seems I only started a few weeks ago as a fresher having no clue how to survive on … Continue reading Studying Chemistry@York: Halfway

Finding the Fun in Formatives

With November rolling around, many students will be recovering from their post Hallowe’en hangovers, enjoying one of the many firework displays in York, and getting in a frenzied panic about just who the hell they’re going to choose to live with next year, having only known the majority of their friends for a month and … Continue reading Finding the Fun in Formatives

Deadlines. Deadlines. Deadlines.

Week 9 of autumn term. It’s cold, it’s wet and with deadlines approaching, there is a tense atmosphere about campus. As you turn a corner you see masses of students with books in hand and worry in their eyes as they’re frantically trying to get their life in order. It is at this point in … Continue reading Deadlines. Deadlines. Deadlines.

The Course, Having Your Say and Ravenous Ducks

As I write this, I can see from my window that the sky is turning orange, indicating that this windy autumn day is coming to a close… at 4pm. Welcome to autumn  in the city of York! Not only does autumn indicate the shortening of the days and the return of the northern cold weather, … Continue reading The Course, Having Your Say and Ravenous Ducks

November is the new December

Love it or hate it, the festive season has arrived! The little log cabins are going up for the christmas market, there are sparkly shop windows everywhere and disco balls have appeared down the shambles. Personally, I’m a lover of Christmas, so when a house mate suggested that we do ‘November is the new December’ … Continue reading November is the new December

Law at York

Studying law at York will help to prepare you for qualification as a solicitor or barrister, or for a range of other careers. We do lectures and seminars like most other universities but we focus on Problem Based Learning. I find it a much more supportive and friendly environment than some of the other courses … Continue reading Law at York