What it’s like to do a research project in chemistry

Hiya, I’m Mae, and I’m a 4th year Chemistry student at the University of York. I’m here to talk about some of the things that I love about York and the Chemistry Department, and what it’s like to study here. In my blog I’ll talk about how I chose my final year research project, what it’s like to work in the research environment, and what a typical final year project day looks like. I’ll also talk about how I fit all of my societies and sport around my research. Hopefully my experience gets you excited for studying at York and helps you to understand what its like to be at university!

Applying for A PhD

Applying for any course abroad is a daunting task.  You can get lost in the many decisions you have to take: which country to apply to, which university, and what about funding or other expenses? This task gets even more amplified when applying for a PhD because of another significant decision you have to make: … Continue reading Applying for A PhD