History of Art field trips!

Hi! I’m Alizée, I study Curating and Art History. I’m an international student, and despite having lived in York for a year before the start of my course, I wasn’t very familiar with much of the art that the city offers. Field trips have been a huge part of me falling in love with York and its surroundings and I’ve decided to document these lovely places, objects and favourite moments through a blog post. The outings around York and Leeds have been a real highlight of my modules and I think field trips offer so many opportunities to learn how to think critically about the art and architecture around us, and also to make friends. Through the visits, I realised you don’t need to go very far to find interesting objects and buildings hiding amazing stories, and that you can find many clues about what they mean or represent from observation.

Spotlight on Art Society

When I started my postgrad degree at York, I was amazed at the range of societies available. During my undergrad, I joined my previous university’s art society; but the timing ended up not fitting with my schedule, so I didn’t go very often. This year, I wanted to make an effort and I’m so glad … Continue reading Spotlight on Art Society

Top 10 places to visit in York

Hi everyone! I hope that everything is going well, that you have already received good offers from your university choices and that, of course, you are considering to come to study at York. As I had promised in my last blog post , I am going to share my list of favourite places in Yorkwith you. … Continue reading Top 10 places to visit in York

Exams are over! Lets celebrate and appreciate the art history on campus and in York

The first thing I have to mention is all of the flooding that happened in York over the Christmas holidays! The uni itself is completely fine, thanks to being on the right side of a hill, and most of the students were okay too. For the few that were affected the uni gave plenty of … Continue reading Exams are over! Lets celebrate and appreciate the art history on campus and in York

The Art of Midwifery

I am sure it is of no surprise that whilst partaking in a midwifery degree, there is no longer (was there ever?) endless time for pondering, idle wandering or anything else that sounds slow or rhymes with the above. Joining a society is not impossible but with a diary which can change weekly, integrated placements … Continue reading The Art of Midwifery