3 Non-Academic Things to Consider When Choosing a Uni

In the search for the perfect uni, you’ve probably already scoured the internet for league tables and university rankings. But it’s important to remember that a university’s ‘good’ placement on a league table doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good fit for you. The university experience is about more than just numbers and figures. It’s … Continue reading 3 Non-Academic Things to Consider When Choosing a Uni

Choosing a university: an international student’s guide

Choosing a university can seem like an incredibly daunting task. It’s where you’ll be spending the next few years of your life. And even after you’ve got your offers you still have to make the all-important decision to choose one of them.

The reasons why I chose York

Campus West and Campus East The reason why I became interested in the University of York is because it has two impressive campuses. Both Campus West and East offer alternative living experiences: Campus West is lively and bustling, whilst Campus East is idyllic and contemporary. No matter which option you choose, the other is merely … Continue reading The reasons why I chose York

What my contextual offer meant for me

‘A contextual offer is usually up to 2 grades below the standard entry requirement. They are to reduce pressure on individuals who may have experienced socioeconomic disadvantages in their life or schooling. These talented individuals show the potential to succeed at university, so their potential barriers are taken into account. This helps to promote fairer … Continue reading What my contextual offer meant for me

Vlog: Why I chose York

BSc (Hons) Biology student Faye explains why she chose the University of York. More why I chose York student stories.