Studying PPE at York: the best bits

I’m Molly and I am a final year student studying Politics and Economics at York! I want to tell you about why being a part of the School of PPE is an amazing experience and some other things about what it’s like to study one of the PPE programmes here. I love the variation in teaching that studying a joint-honours allows me to experience across the disciplines, whenever I get too bogged down in essay writing I can take a break and hop over to something more problem-solving based while still being productive in my study time. Your university experience is not just 3 years of pure study and the social opportunities at York make it unique. My blog will cover things about the Club of PEP, and some of the course content that I have particularly enjoyed over my 3 years so far.

The PEP Identity at York

Last time I was babbling on about how great the variety available in PEP degrees is. Although, it’s come to my attention that this flexibility can actually be a cause of concern for many uncertain and weary onlooking sixth formers. Most of the time, at York, PEP students aren’t just in lectures and seminars with … Continue reading The PEP Identity at York