Joining societies at York

Societies are one of the best bits about going to a university. They let you meet loads of new people while trying new things or continuing something you already love. At school, you might have had a limited number of clubs related to sport, music or reading. University expands your options a lot. At York, … Continue reading Joining societies at York

College life at York

As a Fresher, I turned up on my first day at university not knowing what a college was, or what college life was about. Like many people, I assumed that they were just halls of residence. I really wish that I had taken the time to understand what they actually meant, as the collegiate system … Continue reading College life at York

Wentworth College

I came to the University of York in 2016 as a postgraduate student. The College system was completely new to me but after doing some research, becoming a member of Wentworth College was the obvious choice. Situated on Campus West, Wentworth College is the only college on campus that caters solely to postgraduate students; and … Continue reading Wentworth College