Let’s dance!

So I thought I’d tell you a little a bit more about my favourite society… I have been involved with the Dance Society from the very beginning of my time here at York and I am about to start my second year as a member of the committee! It’s one of the most inclusive, fun loving … Continue reading Let’s dance!

Keeeeeeeeep dancing!

University is a great way to try new things and discover your passion for something previously unknown; whether it is an academic topic, a sport, or a society. At the end of my first year, I went to the University of York Swing Dance Society’s first ever lesson, simply because it was free! Since then, … Continue reading Keeeeeeeeep dancing!

Musicals at the University of York

This month I want to talk about musicals at the University of York. For all you singery/dancery/actory types out there, York is the place to be, as the musicals scene is massive! There are a number of performance societies here, but only one devoted entirely to musicals, and it’s called Central Hall Musicals Society, or CHMS (Central Hall … Continue reading Musicals at the University of York