Applying for A PhD

Applying for any course abroad is a daunting task.  You can get lost in the many decisions you have to take: which country to apply to, which university, and what about funding or other expenses? This task gets even more amplified when applying for a PhD because of another significant decision you have to make: … Continue reading Applying for A PhD

Things to Look Forward to: English and Related Literature at York

Hi there! My name is Sophie and I’m an undergraduate student studying English and Related Literature at York. I hope you liked my postcard welcoming you here! Here are just a few of the things to look forward to when studying at York… World- class teaching and facilities Choosing to study English and Related Literature … Continue reading Things to Look Forward to: English and Related Literature at York

Choosing York over Cambridge

For a long time, Cambridge was my dream university.  From a young age, I wanted to go there to study and so naturally, I applied in October 2018. I also applied to York, Nottingham, Newcastle and Lancaster, and last year I began studying English at the University of York. I received an interview offer from Selwyn … Continue reading Choosing York over Cambridge

Three things to look forward to about English at York

Hi! I’m a second year English student and from Cheshire. Before I came to uni, I was absolutely terrified and wished I could read something from a student to let me know it was all going to be fine – and that’s exactly what I’m doing now! Here are some things that you can look forward to about the brilliant department of English here! 🙂