Archaeology field trip: excavating in Romania

Hey, I’m Alex and I study BA Archaeology at the University of York. I just want to have a chat about all the options a degree in archaeology can open up for you! I have thoroughly enjoyed my study so far at York and just wanted to share some of the reasons for this. In this blog post I will talk about my recent experience in excavating before and working within the discipline. York’s fantastic department helped me to succeed and facilitate this and these opportunities could be open to you too! University is a time to be in a new environment with lots of things to learn and opportunities to grasp a hold of. You can have lots of fun and prepare your future at the same time. Here is my little blog and how taking opportunities provided by the department can lead to lasting memories, friends and work experience.

Studying Global Development at York: a Field Trip to Saltaire

Hi! I’m Isla and I study Global Development at the University of York. I wanted to let you know what it’s like to study this degree at York. One of my favourite things about the degree is that it has a small cohort, this means we all know each other very well and it can make trips and group work super fun. Going on trips can be a really exciting part of the university experience, but we also learn useful things to implement within our work. Saltaire is a small village, and it is the first trip of the global development cohort. In my blog I’m going to talk about my experience of the trip as well as it’s wider impact on our degree and what offer holders can look forward to when studying global development at York.

History of Art field trips!

Hi! I’m Alizée, I study Curating and Art History. I’m an international student, and despite having lived in York for a year before the start of my course, I wasn’t very familiar with much of the art that the city offers. Field trips have been a huge part of me falling in love with York and its surroundings and I’ve decided to document these lovely places, objects and favourite moments through a blog post. The outings around York and Leeds have been a real highlight of my modules and I think field trips offer so many opportunities to learn how to think critically about the art and architecture around us, and also to make friends. Through the visits, I realised you don’t need to go very far to find interesting objects and buildings hiding amazing stories, and that you can find many clues about what they mean or represent from observation.

The adventures of a lifetime start now: Environment and Geography

Coming up to the end of my degree and reflecting on the past three years with Environment and Geography has been a whirlwind of surprises. From creating long-lasting friendships and being taught by the world’s first-class lecturers in a variety of subjects, I’ve developed essential life skills which I can use further in the employment … Continue reading The adventures of a lifetime start now: Environment and Geography

What History of Art at York has to offer!

Hi there! I’m Aneeska, a second year History of Art undergrad. I chose York because of the welcoming nature of the department on the open day. I have really enjoyed my time in York so far, and the support and great opportunities on offer from the department has really made my experience!