Goodricke College

Goodricke College is a great college that prides itself on its inclusive community and equal opportunities for all its students. As part of this the college team, tutors and JCRC run various welfare and liberation events throughout the year. Goodricke was the first college to move to Campus East, and consists of three courts surrounding … Continue reading Goodricke College

Don’t take it for granted!

I’m a second-year student now … scary! How did that happen? Everyone always says time flies but you never think they’re actually telling the truth! That got me thinking, what are all those things you take for granted as a first year? So here we are, those fresher favourites that you better take advantage of … Continue reading Don’t take it for granted!

Your College and You

A Uni with colleges or a Uni without colleges? Does it make a difference? What are the purpose of colleges? Will it help me make friends? Am I going to care after first year? These are all questions that were whizzing round my head when I was applying for Universities. In the whirlwind that is … Continue reading Your College and You