Five hidden gems in York

The city of York is one of the most culturally and historically vibrant cities in the UK that I have ever visited. The city’s cobbled streets are full of cultural remnants from every era. It is famously home to the York Minster (possibly the landmark of the city) and The Shambles, the magically picturesque street … Continue reading Five hidden gems in York

Hidden Gems in York

Welcome to the city of York! What are your plans for the day? Visiting the York Minster, the City Walls and The Shambles is definitely a must; but check out these charming spots around town that may be not on your guide book. These are some hidden gems in York. The Imaginarium This is my … Continue reading Hidden Gems in York

York’s hidden gems: from indie bookshops to cinnamon-coated doughnuts

The city of York is vibrant and bursting with culture and heritage. Ever since arriving in York, I’ve found many lovely places, from quaint bookshops to cute hidden cafes. These are places I now dearly miss whilst we’re in lockdown. Here are some of York’s hidden gems! Museum Gardens This isn’t really one of York’s … Continue reading York’s hidden gems: from indie bookshops to cinnamon-coated doughnuts

Hidden Gems of Campus

Starting any uni is a daunting prospect but York being a campus university definitely eases the transition. Being familiar with aspects of it that many students aren’t aware of until their 2nd or 3rd year will put you that extra step ahead. Plus, these hidden gems will make a great talking point with your flatmates … Continue reading Hidden Gems of Campus