Top Tips When Studying Two Languages

Hiya everyone! My name is Lucy, and I am a second-year student studying Italian with Spanish here at the University of York. I thought I would write this little message to tell you about how amazing it is to study at York and specifically within the Language and Linguistics Department. Studying a language degree at York opens the door to a whole world of opportunities for you! From meeting like-minded people embarking on a similar journey, to travelling the world on your year abroad and finally putting all the skills you have learnt into practice. In my blog post I am going to talk a little about how I have juggled studying two languages. It definitely has not been without its challenges, but as they say, “nothing worth having ever comes easy.”

Transatlantic Linguistics

The evolution of English in a growing technological era is rapid. A high speed internet connection means you don’t need to know, don’t even need to be within 2,000 miles of, a speaker of American English, and you might still find yourself using their vocabulary. England, whilst it still has its beautifully British quirks, has certainly adopted some … Continue reading Transatlantic Linguistics