Studying Social and Political Sciences (SPS) – a week in the life

Hey! I’m Iona, and I’m a second year Social and Political Sciences with Philosophy student at the University of York. I’ve loved my time here so far, and I wanted to share what it’s like being part of the SPS department. When I began my degree, I didn’t realise just how diverse my studies would be, and how many opportunities I would have. From picking a variety of modules I find really interesting to making friends in lots of different departments, life as an SPS student has a lot to offer. It’s going to be hard to write about an average week in the SPS department, since each week is so different, but I’ll give it a go! I’ve had a look back at my timetable and in this blog post I’m going to give a rough idea of the kind of things I’ve got up to.

What’s it really like being a History student at York?

Hey, I’m Laura! I am a third year student studying for a BA in History at the University of York. I just wanted to let you know about the things I get up to as a history student, and what it is like studying at York. In my blog, I’ll mention how I plan my week around my seminars, dissertation work as well as having fun out and about York. University is about opportunities and making the most out of the experiences that are offered. I’ve been lucky enough to be selected to work on projects for the National Railway Museum and the York Museums Trust. There is absolutely no pressure to get stuck into everything, but university is the perfect time to try something new, pick a module that covers a topic you haven’t covered before, join a new club- I joined college football to meet new people and I love it! Just remember to enjoy yourself and make the most of what’s on offer as 3 years can go really quickly.

How to survive as a mature Archaeology student

Hi! I’m Cath and I’m a 3rd-year archaeology student at the University of York. I wanted to share some things I love about being at university and what life is like for a mature student parent at York! The archaeology department is like a family, and it is looking forward to welcoming you! The staff are knowledgeable, inspirational, and kind, and I have never felt more at home than I do at King’s Manor. My blog will cover some of my favourite things about studying at York, with some information about studying as a parent, while working, and the effect the Covid-19 pandemic had on studying (and how fantastic the department was under the circumstances). I’ll also talk a little about commuting, and what a typical week looks like for me! I hope you’re looking forward to joining us!

A week in the life of a second year Theoretical Physics student

My name’s Elliott, and I’m a 2nd year Theoretical Physics student at the University of York. This blog will give you some fresh insight into what it’s really like to study physics at York. My blog will be a rundown of a typical week for me at the university, detailing the different modules/labs I attend on a weekly basis, my opinions, and what you can expect if you come to York to study Physics. I’ll also give a brief introduction to a few of the non-academic things you can get involved in around the department, such as PhysSoc, or the Rocketry society, all of which I love!