A week in the life of an aspiring forensic psychologist

In my blog I hope to inform prospective students hoping to go into Forensic Psychology/other relevant disciplines what to expect in a typical week: with a few social activities mixed in! I also hope to shed some light on the amazing support from the psychology department and all the targeted help they give.

My favourite thing about university is the constant opportunities of independence to build your confidence. You choose what course you want to do, which modules you take, and where to take your knowledge. Psychology at York University really helps you take hold of where you want your future to go.

Marking World Mental Health Day 2020

Mental health: Another casualty of coronavirus?Thursday 15 October 2020 6.30-8pmOnline World Mental Health Day 2020 Lecture An evening of public talks and discussion hosted by the University of York’s Mental Health Research Steering Group with keynote speaker Dr Kwame McKenzie, CEO, Wellesley Institute, Toronto. Join us for an evening of talks and discussion on the implications … Continue reading Marking World Mental Health Day 2020